Good…and evil

It is said there’s both good and evil in each and everyone of us. The truth is, good, just like all other human virtues, is relative; almost impossible to define.

Simply put, there’s no fine line between the two.

We describe someone who sacrifices for others as being good. Someone who offers kindness and help and advice without wanting anything in return.

And yet, being good is so much more.

What about justice?

What about being right?

The truth is that all the evil that has ever been produced was the outcome of those who thought they were right. Those who thought were serving justice.

A necessary evil.

Good is the attributive of the strong, for only those who are kind are truly strong. Those who are tolerant towards others, those who see the light and magic in others and act as if that is all they see.

If you can’t help someone else, at least make sure you don’t hurt them.

A rule to remember, no matter how relative good and evil are. No matter the intentions.


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