What we want vs. What we need

The human body needs just four things: food, sleep, water, and sex.

Ever had all four and yet felt unhappy? Felt as if life was supposed to be more than what you had, you were supposed to be more than what you were?

Yeah, every single person on this Earth felt it at one point or another.

From a certain point of view, life has only one purpose: reproduction.

From another point of view, life is all about survival. To ensure survival, it has to adapt to changes in the environment, thus is has to evolve.

Could it be that, ultimately, life’s purpose was to create an individual, not only capable of adapting to its environment, but also capable of altering it if it need be?

Man was never designed to merely survive or adapt to his circumstances.

Man was designed to thrive.

Hence, this gnawing sense that life is supposed to be more.

Of course, most people try really hard to ignore this. They want comfort. Security. Safety. They get a job, get married, have kids. They hate Mondays, wait for Friday, wait for summer.

Man was designed to reach for the stars.

Failure to do so kills you every single day before you die.

What am I really saying?



Overcome obstacles.

That’s what we truly need.

To become better, to make the world around us better.

That’s what it means to be human.

Of course, most people don’t do this, because it’s easier not to.

But you should, and you must, spread your wings and learn to fly.

You’ll fall a couple of times, and, most probably, no one will bother to pick you up, because everyone’s too busy watching TV.

Man was designed for greatness.

He has to pay the price, of course. To walk down a road paved with suffering and pain.

At the end of it?



15 comments on “What we want vs. What we need

  1. markbaynard says:

    Great Post Cristian! Do we actually “Need” sex? Just a question.

    • dezaro says:

      If you want to produce… And want your name to live on…

    • Nikki Fernandez says:

      Sex is one of the greatest level of deeper connection with another.
      Christian, thank you for the wonderful post. You write lovely.

      As to my response to this comment, here’s my 2 bits:
      The intimacy it takes to perform sex with the one you love is something I feel is what brings much more meaning to your life. Because now you have someone to live for and look forward to growing with another. Lustful sex, on the other hand, I believe is more of a selfish act kinda like a temporary band aid to something your trying to fix internally. When the reality is that we are perfect in being as God planned it to be. Sex is tool it can teach us to love or if we follow media trend it can degrade us. It’s how we choose to use it.

  2. distae says:

    the planets are lining up…..most of us are feeling this….moving us out of the house…..moving us along. M.E.

  3. Ali says:

    Hmm Whatever happened to Air and Shelter?

  4. That’s a marvellous post, so deep!!

  5. dvaal says:

    Progress is a question that should be contemplated. I totally get what you are saying, but to rush forward will only open us up for many mistakes. Mistakes that will have devastating consequences. Ex: The simple use of plastic. When plastic was invented it became one of the greatest discoveries of my lifetime. It was simple, cheap and solved many problems. Now, we discover that poison is being leaked into our foods. I won’t carry on about this – but this is a product we have become dependent upon, and it is harming us. What do we do now?

    I agree that we are designed to soar, but all things, no matter how simple, should be pondered and when we find flaws, we should be prepared to find solutions.

    I want a world where we love one another, and that is our focus. I do not believe in success, until we have first found the importance of others, not just ourselves.

    Sorry, I rambled!
    Dee Vaal

  6. I’m always disturbed when people, men especially, continue, probably unconsciously, with the use of patriarchal language. It would be a great service to half the population of the planet if you replaced the word ‘man’ with ‘human beings’. Being one of the other half of the population I for one would appreciate it. I’d appreciate it even more if you’d become more conscious of the insidious patriarchy in language that either excludes or diminishes us.

  7. Needs more than this . Echoes of Maslow here, but you left out care and love. The human body has a mind in every cell so the mind is also involved in the body as is the heart.

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