The Blessing of Disease

Is having a disease a blessing? That is a very counter-intuitive question but I have been thinking about this very idea while reading More Than Money: True Stories of People Who Learned Life’s Ultimate Lesson by Neil Cavuto. This book profiles several different successful individuals who overcame cancer, MS, and paralysis to lead fulfilling lives. These individuals focused their efforts on helping others and their families instead of solely seeking financial gain in their careers. They did this by starting charities, being public spokespeople for disease awareness, and trying to change government policies for the benefit of societies’ disadvantaged. [READ MORE]


4 thoughts on “The Blessing of Disease

  1. I love the point being made here. But I must add that you can have your eyes opened to what matters by other means as well. For many people, living in poverty or suffering great loss at an early age can also put you through a fire so fierce that you come out more grateful and people focused rather than success driven :)


  2. There is no blessing in cancer. I did more volunteer and charity work prior to getting breast cancer. Disease is not a blessing. And ask most people that this has happened to and the blessing if any is just a way to make sense out of something horrible.


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