For the love of Christmas

So, basically Christmas is around the corner. We can feel it in our bones. It hasn’t snowed yet here, but it sure is cold. Like 2-3 degrees Celsius at night (35 degrees F). So it’s cold, and it’s windy, and we all know it’s December. So Christmas must be near.

I’m quite excited about Christmas for the following reasons:

    • It’s my birthday. Yeah, I was born on Christmas day, 25 years ago. So Christmas is a pretty big deal for me. Every year. You can send presents to the following address… neah, I’m just kidding.
    • Apparently, it’s the best time to sell books. You know, people buying stuff to give to people, and books rank pretty high on the list of things to buy when you don’t know what to buy. So, yeah, I’m pretty excited to see how my books will perform during this month.

    And then there’s the fact that I’ve always loved Christmas. Mostly for the presents, maybe for the snow, certainly not for the freezing temperatures outside.

    Now that I’m practically a grownup, I think the melancholy allure of Christmas has, pretty much, faded away. The snow isn’t so pretty, especially when it interferes with public transportation (or when it starts to melt), and I don’t receive that many presents anymore.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to see how many people choose to buy my novels and offer them as presents. If you take a picture and e-mail it to me, I’d be very happy to stare and the picture for an hour or so and pretend like I’m someone famous. While smiling. Or drinking hot chocolate.

    What I’d like to know from my self-published friends is, how well do books really sell in December? If you don’t want to give numbers, at least tell us how well did your books sell when compared to other months.


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