Stranger than fiction


Do you know that terrible cliche about life being stranger than fiction?

Why do we hate cliches so much anyways?

Maybe it’s because they tend to express an impossibly to deny truth. One that has to be remembered over and over again.

Life is not like the movies. Life is not stranger than fiction, nor is it fiction. Life’s not art, not for those who make art all their lives, not for those who try to transform their lives into art.

Hedonists, masochists, thrill seekers, drama addicts…

Shallow. Egocentric. Selfish. Eccentric.

Life as a battle. For what you want, for others, for yourself. Against yourself. Against others. The neverending battle between what you feel and what you think. Between what you want and what you need. Between what is and what could be.

The bitter distance between the ash that settles on all that we have lost and the inexorable beauty of all that we can imagine.

The moments that remind us, again and again, that life’s not a movie. Routine, boredom, doubt. Petty frustrations. The gnawing feeling of missing people you haven’t met and place that bear no name.

Day after day of nothing really happening.

Unfinished stories. Unanswered questions. People who leave without saying goodbye.

Life has to make us feel. That’s it. We want to feel. To live. We others to know we have lived.

We want to leave something behind. A mark. A memory. A sensation.

We want life to mean so many things, all at once, that we often abandon the present for the promise of a wonderful future. Or the bitter-sweet comfort of the past.

We want. And this makes us human. A lot more than we’ll ever have the guts to admit.


9 comments on “Stranger than fiction

  1. Sadia Khan says:

    Free will is what makes us human. Although, having created comfort zones negates the very idea of life lived in the present. Very well written.

  2. the truth is a scary thing.

  3. Life isn’t like the movies, it needs better writers. :-D

  4. mwitasblog says:

    Very well-written indeed.

  5. This hit home, bloody hell.

  6. Ian Fyfe says:

    Fantastic – I think it really captures the way we live today and the way we have become.

  7. jeffreybotah says:

    It’s a good thing that life isn’t like fiction but sometimes I feel like it’s a bad thing also.

  8. Rubix Cube says:

    Life is a war, yes. But look around us, and tell me that isn’t art. Do you hear the wind calling? Feel the cold, the heat? Do you see the way leaves dance? Do you smell spices and aromas? Life is a war, yes, but life is war fought in an art gallery. We are human, we are so, so human, and we are foolish. But there is hope for us. There is peace. There is so many beautiful things in this war that we call Life. No, life is not fiction, it is not stranger than fiction, but it is life, and we should make the most of it. We only get one, after all. Thank you, Cristian, this post has definitely made me think and examine my thoughts on the matter.

  9. Wow I love that… That constant battle. Every day, we are fighting…

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