“Do you believe in fairytales?” You asked him, letting your head rest on his shoulder. God, he felt good. It felt good; your head was meant to lie, right there, on him.
“Only women believe in fairytales.”
“Only women believe in fairytales…yes…but who writes them?”
It is women who want love, and men who understand it.
It is women who believe in fairytales, and men who write them.
It is women who want to be a man’s last love, and men who want to be a woman’s first true romance.
Women and men and all the words they use to get what they want.
Sticks and stones may break your bones, but it’s words that break a heart…


6 comments on “Fairytales

  1. khayceelyn says:

    Yes I believe that fairytales exist. Someday, Somewhere we will cross our path :D good things is on the way to happen :)

  2. Do I detect a hint of cynicism? Fairytales have been passed down through the generations and I was weaned on them so I love them. Perhaps women want to be a man’s ‘first TRUE love’ and I’m not sure about men but I hope they would want to be ‘a woman’s ONLY love’ as opposed to just ‘romance’. That’s the romantic in me and I make no apology for it. :)

  3. winneyb says:

    You are such a deep thinker. I enjoy your posts. Following!

  4. Arianna L says:

    Omg I love this. Best post I’ve read about love

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