Faith, hope, God and science


IMG_1785March 25, 2016 – My son and I — an atheist and a believer respectively — have a recurring debate about God’s existence. It comes down to faith, which I have and he does not.

He asks how I can believe in something with no facts to prove it. As a scientific thinker, he questions everything and always has. His mind works the way. I explain that I have faith and I don’t necessarily have to see something to believe it, a response that doesn’t make sense to him.

I offer that since he is unable to prove that God doesn’t exist, his opinion is faith-based, as well. He pauses for a moment, making me believe I gained ground in this never-ending debate. Then he responds that his opinion isn’t born of faith at all, but rather the opposite. He doesn’t have faith that God doesn’t exist because it’s never…

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One thought on “Faith, hope, God and science

  1. Nice to see an atheist and believer discuss with love for each other in their hearts instead of anger and defensiveness. I think your son has the better in one sense. In the factual layout of the objective world, there’s no evidence to believe in God. You can’t just believe Batman is real just because no one has proven that he isn’t. On the other hand, what if the “objective world of facts” is not synonymous with “reality”? What if it’s just one abstract way of looking at reality? Then some part of lived reality falls outside the scope of science. Hmmm. Good food for thought.

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