Spitting Image 2:5 — Keeping within the lines

Yonason Goldson

parking jobWhat’s wrong with this picture?

Well, that really depends; if there is no shortage of available parking spaces, or no handicapped spots open, perhaps nothing at all; if it is a one-time, careless indiscretion, it might be dismissed; if it is an expression of neurotic fear that others will damage the paint job by carelessly throwing open their doors, it might be understood, if not condoned.

But if it is symptomatic of indifference to the conventions of parking and the potential inconvenience to others, then it becomes something else entirely.

There is a good reason why lines are painted in parking lots.  And there is more than one good reason to park one’s car between them.

We can apply the same principle to other conventions, some within the formal dictates of the law and others simply defined by custom and culture.  Rolling stops at intersections, or disregarding stop signs altogether…

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