Fantastic Drunks and Where to Find Them

Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good morning, noon, or evening, (or night if you’re either – 1.) In Alaska 2.) Bill Cosby during another sleepless night of self-reflection. or 3.) Just in a different time zone. Should of led with that.). As I do all the time, I hope you’ve all made it back here in one piece. Even if you did; this post may kill a few brain cells (insert wise remark about how they all do) , anyway let’s get to it.

So the last Top 10 was fun, even though it was more of a mixed bag of information. Allow me to add more irrelevancy to the vast sea of sed info. That’s right, Sir. Cocktails gonna do another. *Screams* “Bar-keep, get the olives and toothpicks. We’re goin’ for it.”

So, obviously by the title you know what this post is about. Sure there are a…

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