Redwood Summer Chapter 3

Robert Kirkendall

Jason grabbed the coffee pot from the maker, filled up his cup, and returned to the circle of conversation with his coworkers at the break room table.

No way we’re having another Bay Bridge Series this year,” Kevin said.  “Really, that was just luck.”

“Oakland, possibly, but not the Giants,” Larry said.  “And that’s too bad because I liked all the attention we got.  Even with the East Coast bias we couldn’t be ignored.”

“I don’t know if it’s bias,” Phil added.  “They’re going to sleep over there when our night games are still playing.”

“I think it was the earthquake that got us most of the attention,” Kevin observed.

“It was both events,” Larry asserted.  “The Fall Classic and a natural disaster happening at the same time, and right in the first inning!  What are the odds?”

“I don’t know, I’m not a bookie,” Kevin said.


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