Why no one wants you to succeed.

Hopeless Hannah

Not a day goes by that I do not look on some form of social media and see a big, bold ‘Quote of the Day’ beaming back at me, full of hope and promise. It’s usually along the lines of:

“Seize every moment.”

“Follow your dreams

Take chances others will not.”

These quotes are likely to be encircling a picture of a fist-pumping baby, or a cat which will not let go of the branch. The whole thing, I assume, is meant to give us the last bit of support we need to follow our dreams.

However, when I recently left work to write (hopefully full time)  instead of getting a slap on the back and “you go gett’em girl“, which the land of social media had been promising me all along, I got a whole heap of digging questions:

“What, so you…OK… how are…

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2 thoughts on “Why no one wants you to succeed.

  1. These words are so true. Another tactic the dream crushers use is total indifference. They just ignore what you are doing as if it didn’t even exist and they can’t be bothered to support you. Sometimes that is even worse than out-and-out criticism or discouraging words.


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