Que sera, sera



It is said that when God glued the stars to the heavens, He already knew man would be His ultimate creation. To be created in His image. So God chose to write man’s fate in the stars. All that would happen, all the forces that would build or crush man’s dreams, all the moments of doubt, joy, or sorrow. All the tears, of all kinds. Everything, written in the stars. Everything, to be guarded by the most beautiful of angels.

Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be. What’s meant to happen, will happen. Whether we want to or not.

The strange coincidences that shape the course of our lives are drawn against the night sky. You can almost decipher everything in the coldest and darkest nights. You can almost see your future, glued against the dark silence.

Whatever will be, will be.

And no man can ever do anything about it.

The planets align themselves.

The Universe serves you. Or does anything in its powers to crush you.

What is meant to happen, will happen.

Every single thing happens for a reason.

There’s no chaos, only order. One we don’t understand; one we sometimes don’t even want.

But eventually we’ll see all that is written in the stars, and we’ll understand.

And, yet, it is also said that after He made man, in His image, God wasn’t pleased. Something was missing. His Adam seemed to be empty on the inside.

And then God, in His infinite wisdom and power, gave man the freedom of choice.

Adam was allowed to be the master of his fate, the creator of his destiny.

Whatever will be, will be.

Or maybe not.


16 thoughts on “Que sera, sera

  1. I think our will is not as free as we would like it. I believe we have the experience of free will, but ultimately all abide to the scientific laws of the universe, even if we don’t understand them. I can’t find the quote, but I think it was Skinner who said something along the lines of ‘we are all made of the stuff of stars. Why should it have any special status because it resides within out bodies?’

  2. Hmmm…well written…but, I think God does not have a memory and each day is a new day…a new choice…I do not believe in predestination…Yes, we are born and no one escapes death—that much I will agree with. However, if our choices matter not, then what is LIFE? I think we live in the heart of God and we choose either to be and live in the Light or we choose not to…

  3. Agreed with Love Edges. I can’t imagine that whatever will be, will be regardless of our daily choices. I have to think that our choices matter, or why would God have created us? If he just wanted entertainment, he could dream, I would think. I believe in free will, not predestination.

  4. Free will! God knows what will happen to us, but that doesn’t mean He’s set everything in stone. He allows us to choose what’s good and what’s bad, and to act on our own accord. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t really love us. Forced love isn’t love at all.

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