Spirituality and Activism


Tahoe Fire picThere is something that often happens when we begin to consciously realize our spiritual nature: people can become obsessed with it!  Like a child obsessed with a new bicycle, all we may want to do is read about, talk about and contemplate our “spirituality”.  I suppose it is as natural for a person to do this as it is for a child with a new bicycle to want to ride it all the time.  However, unlike a child with a new bicycle we never detach from the spiritual side of our being.  Back in the 1960’s there used to be a popular phrase “Do your own thing!”.  A lady I knew used to respond; “Try stopping.”  The fact is we are always doing our own thing.  Likewise, we are always connected with and somehow expressing our spiritual nature.  If we think we aren’t for some reason, we need to get…

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One comment on “Spirituality and Activism

  1. simon7banks says:

    This is a very thoughtful treatment of some fascinating issues. Any kind of preoccupation with doing can distract us from spirit. But I would give little respect to a spiritual source who walked by a person in pain, indifferent to his or her suffering or telling me that it was all part of God’s plan; and I see no difference between that act of coldness and failing to vote or protest or lobby or campaign against cruelty and injustice, environmental destruction and oppression, when there is a real chance that action could bring improvements. But then the activist may lose contact with spiritual roots. Martin Buber engages with this in “Ich und Du” (called “I and Thou” in English, but Thou isn’t really the right word for something intimate and informal.

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