A Vast Explosion Of Love



My husband, Richard, and I had a stressful marriage and four great children. When he retired as an airline pilot, we moved to my home country, South Africa, to the small town of McGregor in the Cape wilderness. Here, surrounded by mountains and the beauty of the wild veldt, I was looking for something that I grandiosely called, to myself only, “the meaning of life.” I found the five books that Dr. Weiss had written. With joy I read and reread them; there was an immediate resonance. This was truth; this was the all-loving, all-embracing meaning that I had sought. My husband said, “Lee, you are being weird.”

For a few years afterward, we lived as we had before – not unhappily, but making the best we could of it. I went away for six weeks to visit our children and when I…

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