The right words


“Words can create love or hate, tears or smiles, harmony or chaos, war or peace. Choose your words with care.” A.D. Williams

The truth is, words are meager things. I know this, because words are my profession. Words are what my soul is made of. And I know that sometimes words fail to express certain depths of the human soul.

When words fail, tears fall. When words fail, the world’s beauty is no longer enough to make us feel alive. Words can hurt, yes, but the most harm they ever do is when you choke before you utter a single word.

The most powerful feelings, the invincible essence of humans, that cannot be written about. For it was not written into existence, for it was not imagined into being. It was given to us, not taken, not invented, not surgically grafted onto our souls.

Words are our creations. Words and ideas. All the things we can imagine, all the dreams we lock inside the most hidden drawers of our souls. But we…we are limitless. We are infinite. We are invincible.

We are not the words we speak, or the ones we write. We’re not even the ones we wished to have spoken. We are not images or memories or song lyrics that say all that we cannot. We are what we feel, what makes us alive, what makes us glad. We are what makes us happy, scared, or lonely.

We are not of this Universe. We are not a moment in time and space. We are the Universe. We are the consciousness of this world, the Universe trying to understand itself. The Universe asking the only question that never seems to have an answer: “Who am I?”


11 comments on “The right words

  1. Beautiful. I agree – words have great power. Unspoken words can scream in your head. And the spoken ones can echo in someone else’s – we better make sure that they’re filled with positivity and honesty.

  2. kcg1974 says:

    Magnificent ‘words.’

  3. jstgina says:


  4. Iris says:

    There is an answer though:
    ” I am that I am”
    [You can put the comma wherever you choose :)]

  5. OgolSamuel says:

    Very admirable piece.I am lost for words to describe how it made me feel

  6. T. Madigan says:

    If “We are not of this Universe”, then from whence do we come? From the late, great Carl Sagan, from an episode of “Cosmos”: “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”. So, I say, not bad: “tWe are the Universe. We are the consciousness of this world, the Universe trying to understand itself.”

    “We, all of us, bound by this common origin, composed of elements forged in the nuclear cauldrons of long-dead stars, look up at the stars and, in humility, connect with each other, fellow travelers on this magnificent blue oasis” Author Unknown

  7. Suaylia says:

    Very deep. Words are also plentiful!

  8. Kelly Romano says:

    Word is one of the most important part to explain the emotion and everything

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