Lesbian-owned Wife

PB Rider

Lesbian-owned Wife - Jenn's Tail - SMALL

Lesbian-owned Wife is now available at US$1 on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited (link to US site – available on others, too), as part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 2, three stories for $3 (here), or in Vols. 1, 2 & 3, with nine stories for $6 (here).

My wife sets up an afternoon threesome with a hot Asian teen, but then the girl gets cold feet and I have to leave. Later I go home and find my wife tied-up and blindfolded, with the Asian girl and two other women taking turns to own her body.

I stick around and achieve several ambitions. (hot wife, fffm, lesbian, light bondage, femdom)

The whole story is 7,200 words, here’s the first 3,000, and at the end there a link to more free stuff.


My wife likes the taste of dick…

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One thought on “Lesbian-owned Wife

  1. the AC-DC component in a person makes human being a very complex being…. being sexually ambivalent is a whole lot of analysis that may lead to paralysis…… should we let them be them????


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