Anxiety problem: How to tell your boss?

Hopeless Hannah

Are you unsure about telling your boss you have anxiety?

So you have bagged yourself a new job and have gotten over the heart-pounding nervousness of your first day. Check you out! But how do you tell your boss that you have anxiety, without them treating you differently, or thinking you cannot handle your job?

Telling your boss about your anxiety is a completely personal decision. For a few people, it’s not an option they consider – but have a look at the below points to see whether sharing is caring. :)

1.Anxiety: To Tell or Not To Tell

Barbara Markway says that when she is with patients, they’ll often question whether or not they should tell people about their anxiety.

First of all, consider your relationship with the person you might want to confide in. Do you have a close relationship? Is it generally supportive? How has this person reacted…

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4 thoughts on “Anxiety problem: How to tell your boss?

  1. I wasn’t taking my meds a few weeks ago, was nearly crying some days and feeling extremely nervous so I arranged a meeting with me boss, told him straight that I have mental issues. He was so nice about it, even told me to add him personally to faecbook or call him while he was away if I had any problems and just to take your meds again. He listened and let me talk about it, we were in the meeting for half an hour. :)

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