Once upon a time was a fighter. He was  the undefeated champion, and a journalist asked him what was his secret. The fighter smiled and said that every single time he went into the ring he was prepared to die. Either he was victorious, or he’d die.

Now, this story acts as a metafor for a simple truth of life: if you’re lucky enough to find something worth dying for, you’ll feel more alive.

For, you see, death is not the opposite of life. The two are closer than we’d like to admit, almost touching, almost becoming one and the same.

Because the world tolerates all kinds of behavior, but it will only worship a kind of commitment that is almost an obsession.

If you are willing to die for what you love, what you love will set you free, but granting you the passion that is needed in order to become great.

This is what makes the difference between people. Not how much we want it, but how much we are willing to fight for what we want.


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  1. This is cute, it has some light humor worth finding some levity in a day. It made me smile alittle and, in a cute way, it is made somewhat more innocent by the word ‘metaphor’ being misspelled. The genuine hope that readers will find goodwill and inspiration in this aphorism is clearly demonstrated. Thank you. Only I wish to add this caution; that anyone would subvert this sentiment to glorify suicide bombers. Their crazy commitment to die, killing and harming others so all will submit to fascism, should not be given the slightest opportunity to be construed as honorable, just because they are willing to die. It should be made clear, that what makes a passion honorable is the willingness to sacrifice ‘self’ and only ‘self’ in pursuit of our goals. That if a desire compels the actions to kill and harm others, then that desire negates the defining value of “passion;” as life affirming and devoted to loving, to be loved and the love itself, which sets others free.

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