Day Forty-Seven -Ticky Ricky – Short Story

The Twisted Roads

“Sticky icky, yucky ducky,” those were the last words my brother sent to me in a message, before he vanished off the face of the earth a few weeks ago, and I had no fucking idea what it was meant to mean, but it clearly meant something, that I was sure.

It all happened about three weeks ago when I got the message, had I realised at the time it was going to be so important, so vital a message, I would have replied, or called, or done something. But I just laughed at it and didn’t even bother to reply, I mean why? If I’d cared to think about it I would’ve remembered where I’d heard it from before, as I honestly don’t understand how I could have forgot, but I did.

After a few weeks of nothing the cops could do fuck all, they tried tracing where his…

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