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Winds & RocksIs there anything more depressing than working in a job that bores you,…or worse? Well, yes there are more depressing things but absent major life crises, a miserable job taints most of the rest of life with a grey, heavy dread.

Most of us work because we have bills to pay. We also like to do things, like eat, buy new clothes every once in awhile and live in an environment that is to our liking. But have you ever awakened from your work treadmill and looked around to ask yourself: “Is this all there is?!” or

Can I really do this for the next 20+ years?!

Judging from the traffic I get on job satisfaction blogs and posts, I’m guessing this is not an uncommon self-query and it’s one I have wrestled with for some time.

After more than a few years of pondering this concept…

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