Before I decided to start this blog, before I decided to self-publish my novels on Amazon, I spent three years alone.

Single. Broke. Tired of life. Health issues.

But I wrote.

I found purpose, hope in the simple act of making stuff up and writing it down.

That was all.

That saved me from this world, from my pain, from my thoughts and feelings.

I’m not saying that it stopped hurting, but I no longer cared.

It all made sense.

We often get so caught up in all kinds of petry frustrations and fears and events that we forget what’s really important.

We want the easy way out. The shortcut. The ten minute guide to doing this or that. We chase after all that we want.

Sadly, there are no shortcuts. It’s just work. Just patience. Perseverance. Discipline. Doing the thing that you love doing until others love it too.

I believe that we focus too much on the results. We do what we do because we expect something to happen. We live in the anticipation of future events.

And thus we forget to enjoy the work. The moment. The day ahead of us when we wake up in the morning.

And I find it so ironic that each and every single time I forget this, life has a strange way of reminding me what’s really important. What truly matters.

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9 comments on “Oblivion

  1. Your post reminds me of these lyrics:
    Don’t love me for fun, girl
    Let me be the one, girl
    Love me for a reason
    Let the reason be love.

  2. meexio says:

    Absolutely! Writing saved me. Loved this post.

  3. I so agree with this post. I think it’s so important for one to do what they love, if not you’re never gonna be happy. I’ve always said the same thing as that quote. People have different ways of escaping their hectic lives. Who are we to make fun of them right?

    Writing for me was therapy when I was a teenager, and then got into reading even more. Those two things saved me from insanity.

  4. True…. a good post for the day

  5. Great insight. It sounds so simple but in reality it is so complex. Living in the moment is the most overlooked activity to do.

  6. Dear Cristian,
    I pray most of all that you no longer feel alone. In this digital age we have so many connections with people that we may never meet in person, but we still need more than anything true human interaction. May your life be touched by someone close that will stand beside you during your most difficult of days.

  7. Ala barakah says:

    The life won’t remains the same as you think.

    If you do much for the life

    the life will give you more you have ever thought.

    the life gives us pains, not to hurt us

    but to make us strong enough to face the negative situation with a positive attitude.

  8. Ala barakah says:

    its really heart touching words, keep it up

  9. I agree with you Christian. Too often we think we will be happy when our goal is achieved. I believe one has to enjoy the journey or the process. If we can be happy where we are now, every thing else we gain on the way is icing on the cake.

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