#00123: Unfinished wor

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She endures death to give life.

And you still want to make her equal with Man?

I’m yet to meet a creature so Whole.

It’s simple to see that women are far superior then men.
Don’t flash your muscles and keep your voice down, sir.
Have you not been born of a woman?

P.S. The writer of this post is a very hairy Man.

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2 comments on “#00123: Unfinished wor

  1. Ala barakah says:

    100% true. Never try to hurt the feelings of an innocent woman.
    behind every successful man, ​there is a strong woman. Thank you!

  2. Aiza Chaudry says:

    True. Spiritually she is far superior than a man. Creating life is important. But don’t you think both man and woman are interdependent on each other! :)

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