Chapter 1: The Meeting.


Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” chorus started ringing loudly in her ears, making her jump out of bed.

“Seriously? It’s a Sunday! Sundays are off days! Why’s he coming today?” she grunted while walking to the bathroom to get ready.

Hurrying up she took a shower, curled her hair, and fixing herself a cuppa she rushed out to leave for work. It was a beautiful sunny day, usually not a norm here in Stantford. The neighborhood looked lovely with all the houses lined down the street with perfectly decorated faux balconies with flowers, well paved cobblestone streets, and children running down to the ice cream van. It was a beautiful Sunday indeed. Except for her who had to go to work and miss out on a weather perfect Sunday.

Great! First he decides to come on a weekend and now this traffic! Couldn’t get any worse than this. She honked to…

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