Day Sixty-Eight – The Comeback – Short Story

The Twisted Roads

He looks in the mirror and stares into his own, empty, lifeless eyes, and tries to smile, but his eyes convey more sadness and the smile deteriorates into a haggard, old, worn out frown.

He lets out a sigh as he picks up the eyeliner and begins applying his make up for the show, when there is a knock at the door and a young man quickly makes his way in, looking at him with concern.

“My god George, we’re on in five minutes, and you haven’t even got your make up on, what’s taking so long buddy?” He asks.

“I’ll be ready, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and five minutes is all I need.”

“George, mate,” he says as he pulls a seat up next to him and straddles it. “I’m not having a go at you here, so please don’t take it that way. But…

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