#000125: Year 1

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I started this blog because I thought I was a failure.
I didn’t continue my Medical studies. I was fucking scared.
What was I if not a doctor? What have I achieved?
What’s my legacy?

I started this blog on July 26 2015. Why? Because I’m a failure.
I gained weight. I was bingeing on a daily basis.
A few months before that, my oldest brother passed away.
I haven’t spoken to him since .. I’ve never had a conversation with my brother.
And now he’s dead and I have to pretend that I’m strong. I had to be strong for my family.
I’m not strong; I’m a fucking failure.

August 2015. I got into 4 accidents in less than 6 hours. I almost died but I didn’t care.
I was so fucking high I don’t remember anything.

September & October 2015. London. My biggest drug binge ever.

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