#00120: Happy Birthday

10000 posts

This post is dedicated to Mrs. 10000posts aka Princess Fiona aka Nala.

I never believed in love. I cringed when I watched a love scene in a movie.
I believed in trusting myself and myself only. My life had no room for strangers.
Love meant vulnerability – opening up, sharing, waiting, fighting, yelling, needing someone else.

I was wrong.
Love isn’t a “thing” – it’s not an object, it’s no t an event, it’s not just feelings.
Love is a “being” – life gives birth to what we call love; it either lives or dies, it can grow or shrink, it either matures or remains immature.

I’m not an expert on the life cycle of Love – I simply chose to marry the girl I fell for in 2012. (I will get to that soon)

She was in my Anatomy group. Students would stand around a cadaver, mostly pretending to observe what…

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