Not a Porcelain doll co

Not a Porcelain Doll

Hello All; I know that all of us live extremely busy lives and that at times we do not even have five minutes to ourselves. So I apologize for requesting those precious moments, yet I am in need of your help. Each of you have traits as a dominant female, a strength that drives you to keep going every day, even when life hands you its worst. Of course not everyone has this ability.

For the past few years I have been listening to stories from teenagers, some just starting out and some directly in front of adulthood. These stories are ones of low self-esteem, horrid bullying, questioning on who they truly are (sexually, faith wise, etc.), self-loathing – the list goes on and on. In each story there is a feeling of being alone in the world, of not knowing which way to go or who to talk to…

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