Eyes of Excruciation – Act 1

You Young Adult Nostalgic

Dear reader:

As I revive my blog and resume regular postings, I thought it would be fitting to start publishing some of my older YA short stories, poems, and musings. I am really proud of Eyes of Excruciation, a novella that I wrote during a difficult time in high school. I grappled with thoughts of suicide as I tried to accept my own sexuality. Eyes is an outpouring of my wants and hopes, but more than that, I hope it serves as a supportive piece for those who are or have been in a similar struggle.

To keep a tight schedule, I will publish one part (called “Acts” in this work) every Saturday. From my heart to yours, I hope you enjoy every last word.

Eyes of Excruciation

By R.M. Calzada

Part 1

First Thought

Act 1

Simple Man

     He is usually the last one in the…

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