The cage

“People only get really interesting when they start to rattle the bars of their cages.” – Alain de Botton
They say irony is the song of a bird who has learned to love its cage.

They also say that none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe themselves to be free.

We all live in a cage. We all perceive the world around us as limiting. The bars of the cage are all the people who tell us to be realistic, to be this or that, to aim lower, to please others.

To make one compromise after another.

People who tell us that we’ll never make it.

I say, rattle the bars.

Fight against the urge to settle for less than you deserve.

Truly believe in yourself and your abilities.

You are descended from warriors.

You can conquer the world. Your world. You can do whatever the hell you want.

You are free.

You are powerful beyond measure.

More powerful than those who try to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Dream big. Try. Fail. Fail again.

You are an unstoppable force.

Nothing and no one can destroy you.

Rattle the bars of your cage. Challenge what you think as impossible.

Impossible is just a big word used by those who have come to love their cages.


8 comments on “The cage

  1. That’s me :) I don’t believe in failure because I never give up and I can’t quit trying…

  2. I loved “the cage” – very powerful imagery!

  3. JustMe says:

    Beautiful truth that isn’t spoken nearly enough! Thank you for the strong reminder – it’s like a call to arms!! I love it!!

  4. Slowly standing up, curling my fingers around those cold bars…

  5. While I think it’s important to know our limitations, I also think it’s important to challenge our ideas of what our limitations are. Accept them if we realistically cannot change them (due to disability, current condition etc), but a lot of the time we talk ourselves into limiting ourselves.
    “Oh I can’t do that” but why? It’s just a little voice in our head, unless we have a really good reason, we all need to strive to challenge ourselves, day by day. It doesn’t need to be big challenges, but it can amount to a lot in the long term.

  6. I really agree with the front cover well said!

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