#00137: It’s on.

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August 19 2016 – A cafe in a hypermarket. (Posted from my phone)

I started smoking when I was 12. Why? Rebellion, to put it simply. But there’s a reason I never shared with anyone and I would like to let go of it. Weight loss. I tried to lose weight by smoking.

Back in 2000, my oldest brother was in the UK studying something. When he came back that summer, he’d lost so much weight. He seemed happy. He was more active. He would go to the gym everyday. He beemed with confidence and joy. Wow. I wanted to study abroad just so I could cycle everywhere and lose weight.

But he also picked up smoking. I’d heard that smoking suppresses the appetite. This image coupled with that assumption pushed me to smoking. (But I learned how wrong I was very soon)

Fast forward to 2006/2007. I’m 17…

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