N is for NIGHTMARES – The Roundhead Prelude 6, Soon, you will see..

Fear In Fear Magazine

“You don’t get it do you Sil? I can tell,” she says to her, Sil looks back down at her phone and then back to her and smiles.

“Not really, I mean, it’s scary, but it’s not really, my thing,” Sil says as she hands the phone back to her.

“I loved it, I mean, I really loved it, I actually felt horny after I read it, so I slipped into Mary’s bed, and we made out!” She says excitedly.

“You and Mary?”

“I know, it’s been like, going to happen for ages, but I didn’t think either of us would ever work up the courage, and then bam! I read the story and was just turned the fuck on and thought, shit, this is it, this is the time we finally get it on.”

“That’s awesome, now I can finally stop hearing about how all you want to do…

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