“I am my Father’s Son”

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“You are a runner with a stolen voice. And you are a runner. And I am my father’s son.” (Wolf Parade)

The weather is changing. In the morning I can feel it. It is just a matter of time. Eventually a cold wind will blow away all the dank humidity. I think about running, my lost passion. Before the bad back, before the squeeze of domestic responsibility, I would put on my running shoes on a cold Sunday morning and run until I had exhausted my legs, lost my breath. It was exhilarating. My life transformed when I was running; it was the action from which all good things sprang. I could never envision a life without it. Of course, I didn’t visualize the obstacles life would put in my path.

Years ago my mother gave me some dusty mementos of races my father ran in the early-eighties. I never…

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One thought on ““I am my Father’s Son”

  1. Interestingly, I opened this post just as I was incited by the word “father.” I am actually trying to wrap up a memoir that I started two years ago, with the loss of my father, so, it’s been taking too long I am under pressure to wrap up, so I can’t indulge in reading.
    However, I am glad I did. It convinces me once more of this our connection to our fathers and mothers, to our roots, and to one another – all of us are not unsimilar. Thank you for posting this lovable peace of insight, emotion, and wisdom.


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