Day 138 – The Roundhead Prelude 8 – Your Sin Within

The Twisted Roads

**This takes place after chapter one of The Roundhead and before chapter two**

“I’m telling you it’s true, Stevie, who used to bunk with Sammy and Spade, he shared it, and they scrapped his remains off the wall of the library. I KID YOU NOT!” he says as he takes a hit from the bong.

“Dude, you’re so messing with me, if that’d happened I would’ve heard about it by now,” the other boy says as he reaches out for the bong. “Feltz, I didn’t invite you over so you could take it hostage dude, pass it on?”

“Fuck you Andres, I brought the stash, I can hold on as long as I need, just wait your turn.”

“I paid you for it, you just delivered it and sat the fuck down, either pass it or fuck off!”

“Think your panties are choking your balls,” Feltz says as he takes…

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