Introducing Villain # 5: Mike The Sadist

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Project-X Villain Mike The Sadist. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment. Mike: “Tsssssssss…. don’t you worry darlin’, this’ll end real soon.”

Today we introduce the first in a 3 series second set of Project-X villains: Mike The Sadist. Here is his background story:

The first time Mike got expelled from school was in grade six. Three of his classmates had tried to steal his lunch and he resisted. In fact, he stalked them one by one. One bully ended up with several severe fractures on both his legs. One was the recipient of his father’s ax through his skull. The last was his favorite of all, hung from the schools rafters with a meter long chain. This was only the first of many expulsions to come and several years in and out of asylums and juvenile detention facilities.

Needless to say he was tough. By the time he had squeaked into high school he had developed the musculature of a…

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