The Roundhead, Part 2 – The One After The Preludes

The Twisted Roads

He walks into the apartment, catching her eye immediately, she faintly shows signs of a smile as she gets up and makes her way over to him.

“Jar, where the hell’ve you been? You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”

“Where haven’t I been? This town is fucking falling apart, people are getting killed every few minutes, and no one has any clue how or why it’s happening. So Marilyn, let’s not get into why it took me so long to get here, let’s just concentrate on the fact, I’m here.”

“I was worried,” she says softly.

He smiles and nods towards Marty’s body, “So that’s zero?”

“That’s what we’re naming him. As far as we can tell, he was the first, then his friend, the one who called triple zero, Gareth Wilkinson, after that it gets messy, but, we can pin point it all starting here.”


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