The Roundhead, Part 3 – Severed Throats

The Twisted Roads

You can read part one HERE, and part two HERE.

Jar’s eyes rattle around in his head like a slot machine, his heart beats quickly in his chest, and he struggles for a breath, as he, like the rest, try to make sense of the moments that just took place. He forces himself up, from the ground and quickly grabs Marilyn, pulling her to her feet.

“Are you okay?” He asks, gently running his hands through her hair, resting them on her shoulders, squeezing them.

“I think so,” she says softly, looking over, towards Sonia’s body, she jumps in fright, clutching hold of Jar tightly, as the apartment’s door slowly opens, on its own.

“What the fuck?” Jones says, nervously pulling a cigarette from a packet and lighting it, his eyes close as he draws in a deep, long drag, then they shoot open again, he lets the…

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