#00156: Who am I?

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Hello. It’s time to share my ultimate secret with the world.

My name is Khalid.
I’m from Qatar.
I’m married to the most beautiful angel in the entire universe.
And I’m afraid of the world. Terrified. Petrified. So scared to the point where I created different identities depending on where I am in the world.
And now I decided to not be afraid anymore.

Let me tell you the story behind my breakdown.

Tuesday, September 11 2001.
I was 12 years old.
I was recording a radio show in Qatar. (I used to record and present radio shows in Arabic).
The sound engineer cut the sound. “The white house was blown” he said.
The first image that came to mind was that of alien ship in Independence Day blowing up the white house.
I didn’t have nay reaction but shock and confusion; “what does this mean?”

Fast forward.

Muslims became…

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