#00161: Post a Day – 4

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Fear is a fucking asshole.

Sometimes I forget the big picture and fall victim to those small obstacles obscuring my path. Pieces of paper become a matter of life or death – the bureaucratic mammoth that controls our stupid systems crushes my will to live.
What will happen if this happened?
What if that happened?

I allow silly things to ruin my moment.

It obscures the fact that I will be a father soon.
There’s a another heart beating inside my wife and it will need me. Actually, I need that little heart. I need that reason to live; to push, to hustle, to not give up. Am I in the wrong to depend on my unborn child?
Yet, I allowed motherfuckers in college to ruin the true beauty that I must look forward to.

I already have a college degree. It doesn’t matter though. Being a father will be…

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