We Most Likely Won’t Be Friends Anymore After I Vote On November 8th.

Karma Is A Funny Thing

I am voting on Tuesday, as we all should. But I have decided to stick with my gut, and vote with my heart. I will be writing Bernie Sanders in. He told his supporters months ago, to not listen to him if he tried to convince us to vote for someone else.

And I trust he is right.

Otherwise, I am stuck with voting for two humans…a man and a woman…who are, combined, the most loathed candidates at one time in U.S. Presidential election history.

Both equally shady. Both equally disturbing.

I won’t tell anyone who to vote for, but I sure have had many people attempt to convince me to drop the Bernie act, or else.

I see it as a much bigger problem though.

We can be bullied into voting for one of two people who most likely will wind up having to be pardoned or impeached. I…

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2 thoughts on “We Most Likely Won’t Be Friends Anymore After I Vote On November 8th.

  1. I, too, supported Bernie all the way. The only reason I didn’t write him in is because he specifically told us not to, and I’d also heard that doing so would render the vote null (as, he’d had to have signed up to be permitted as a write in, I think.) Instead, in a nod to the Dakota Natives, to women’s rights, and because she was actually a candidate, I voted for Jill Stein. But – I was not prepared for the hostile backlash I received on FBK after disclosing this vote. Hadn’t been so violated by negative energy since I was harrassed back in ’99.


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