#00165: Post a Day – 8

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I never had to hustle to obtain anything in my life.
And now I’m surrounded by hustlers.

As a child, I witnessed many times the bargaining process, but I always thought it was time consuming and useless.
And so I grew to prefer fixed-price shops where there was no need to go back and forth until the price of a certain commodity is dropped.
My main reason for disliking the bargaining process, though, is feeling guilty.
The seller asked for 10. I offered 5. The seller dropped it to 8. I offered no more than 6 with the addition of whatever. We finally settle at 7.5 with the addition of so and so.
But the seller needs the money, doesn’t he?
I’m in possession of the requested amount. I need the product.
(I forgot what I wanted to say .. )

My point is: I feel guilty so easily.


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