The mountain


“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time?

Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter?

Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? Because you were just not good enough? Or smart enough? Or you didn’t have the resources you needed?

Ever felt hopeless, seemingly destined to spend your life daydreaming about what would never be and what was and could no longer be?

Well…were you ever wrong? Did you ever think something that wasn’t real?

You know, those feelings are mistaken as well.

What we feel is not real. Fear is often an illusion. Limits are self-imposed. We are who we chose to be.

I keep writing this, over and over again, because it’s worth remembering, over and over again.

The mountain ahead is not the real test. The real obstacle. The real mountain is your mind. The sky isn’t the limit, your belief system is.

Failure is not fatal, but fear of failure might be.

Of course, you don’t die from it. Not right away in any case. But you are long gone when they’ll finally relocate you to a coffin.

Move the damn mountain. Conquer your fears, for they are liars. They are telling you that progress is impossible. They are urging you to waste your life waiting for stuff to just happen to you.

That is not a life worth living.

That is not a life worth fighting for.

That is not life.

You create your own destiny.

You are the one who decides what is real and what is not.  You are the one who creates your own reality. So why create a reality in which you are scared? Hopeless? Insecure? Feel bad about yourself?

Create a reality that doesn’t just look good on the outside, but also feels good on the inside.

And you’ve got to conquer those damn mountains.

You have to overcome obstacles.

You have to face your fears.

You’ve got to hope. You’ve got to imagine. You’ve got to set goals and smash them.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

Don’t grow complacent. Don’t wish for comfort and security. Don’t compromise principles.

Be the best version of yourself.

Fight for that self and never stop fighting.

You know what you see when you reach the top of the mountain?

Imagine the view from the top… imagine having to struggle for a long, long time to reach it. Imagine the time and perseverance and countless setbacks. Imagine the fear, the sweat, the tears, the frustration, the anger, the pain…

Imagine the top. Imagine reaching it.

You know what you see?

A hell of a lot more mountains to conquer.



76 thoughts on “The mountain

  1. This topic has just been surrounding me recently. I recently wrote on overcoming those mental blocks as well. I received my inspiration for the post through experience and because I had seen another writer just post about it. I wonder why this is coming up so much in recent times? I don’t know why, but I am glad that it is. I love the Muhammad Ali quote! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is a wonderful and truly motivating post. I’m going through some rough time now, and it feels good to read this. Muhammad Ali is totally right. I would say, the only travel in this life we ever experience is the travel through our mind.

  3. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all Knowledge; and though I have all Faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not Love, I am nothing.
    1 Corinthians 13:2

  4. Ali has played a major role in my life just like Micheal Jordan & Micheal Jackson. I loved the way you wrote this preice. This was very influential and motivational. I have always respected Muhammad Ali’s perspective on living life. I hope more documentaries come out in the future because I would like to watch them. America has always had problems but nobody ever stood up for themselves agains America due to consequences it came with during his period of time. I hope that future generations could understand that life back then was not easy and it was people like Ali who made a huge difference

  5. Loved this! Inspiring post! :)

    I like the idea of fear as a fuel. When I was younger my best friend used to tell me “fear is the sister of courage” and it’s stuck with me. Not always easy but when you can use it as a fuel, it’s powerful!

  6. Love this post. I recently took a long walk – up a mountain. I live in a mountain town in Utah and decided to walk to a neighboring town. It was a 14 mile walk – with a 4,500 ft (about 1,300 meters) incline.

    It was impossible not to find a spiritual connection. It was hard work, but the views…wow.

    I made it to a summit – Empire Pass – and I could see two valleys – the one on the side of the mountain that I left, and the valley on the other side. On hard days, I still think about that view.

    Our lives, if we are living right – are an uphill climb. It can be tiring, but is so rewarding. :)

  7. This is an empowering post and yes I agree that feelings are deceitful and that the battle is in the mind. Our actions are influenced by our beliefs we should have powerful thoughts like these to conquer our day.

  8. Very inspiring and motivating words. Life isn’t easy, but why should it be? How could we ever be happy if life didn’t offer us situations where our personal integrity should be called upon. Life is an opportunity to learn and gain living experience, otherwise, it would be absolutely bland.

  9. I used to feel like this sometimes, well OK, a lot of times…like I wasn’t achieving enough, that I was never going to be good enough and then a weird thing happened. I did my first long distance walk across Spain, then another one, then another one. All of a sudden, the thought of walking 1000 km did not phase me and I knew I could do it. It’s nothing spectacular, certainly not a cure for cancer or anything but it has built a resilience in me, or perhaps re-discovered what was already there.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me to tackle those mountains. Mel

  10. What an amazingly positive post!

    Love this post!

    Many of my accomplishments didn’t seem possible to me prior to doing them!

    What’s the greatest trick I learned?

    Break the big project down into smaller, more doable steps! It’s like installing a staircase on a massive mountain! You get to the top, one step at a time!

    Sharing on my blog!

    Peace to all!

  11. Eleven weeks before he initially became World Champion, I had the amazing good fortune to spend close to two and a half hours with Cassius Clay, as he then (originally) was known, one-on-one, in his NYC hotel room. Like him, I was a kid with a special set of balls, and I’d simply called his hotel (not so hard to discover which one it was, when the “gossip column” in which I learned he was in town mentioned it!) and asked to be put through to his room. I’d encountered him once before, when I was a start-up journalist in our mutual home town, Louisville KY. That was my intro remark to him in New York. He said. “Come up for breakfast.” That offer, one I could not refuse, has been one of the most memorable events of my life! I was probably the very last person to have that kind of access to him before his fists, and fame, took over.

  12. Having lived in Bacau for five years- I thank God that he has allowed me in to your world of writing…. Thank you so much….A great inspiration to all. Multumesc. Pentru cuvintele de azi. Continuati sa scrieti……

  13. I do not regret the choices I made in life, but I do regret not making more choices. Every mountain that blocks my path is a challenge. I can go around or over but never stopped. Your post is inspiring to all. Thanks for sharing your powerful words.

  14. After many steps with a stone in my shoe I have chosen to consider the views that I may have on the climb and not be concern with climbing. There would be only one thing to regret, getting to the top.

  15. Someone just said to me the other day, “when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, remove the rock”. So simple and yet profound! Sometimes it is easier said then done, but it remains, remove the rock…keep pushing forward…keep swimming… ❤ 🙂

  16. I related to much of what you’ve written here. It is terrible, this fear. It’s totally a natural reaction in certain situations when we face creatures that can rend us into strips of meat, or a phobia.

    I get to understand why we fear the other things, we make our own monsters (if not already prefabricated and perpetuated by society and negative social media) and we feed them with belief and worse yet when people do it for us.

    I get your gist, starve them with action and a wide-eyed look towards tomorrow. We owe it to ourselves to be the better versions of us, yes?

    I just spotted your YT button on the side and boy was I shocked (I jest), irrationally expecting this bespectacled little kid! A male Hermoine, if I squint. You’ve got a new subscriber.
    Thanks for writing … and this might sound a bit strange? I’m very glad you exist.

  17. A wonderful, motivational pep talk to self. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post. I enjoyed reading it and loved the writing style. I’d like to re-blog this.

  18. I can relate. My young blog and my efforts to write, get published, share ideas…lets just say a lot of pebbles in my shoes, I don’t mind the mountains…nearly 30 post and 2000 visits and still some close friends don’t “get” the idea of my blog…I’ve just gotta keep on.

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