What’s your motivation?

quote8What’s your motivation?
What inspires you?
What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?
Why do you do what you do?
Because, I can tell you one thing. If you want to be happy, you’ll never be. If you want to be succesful, rich, famous, you won’t be any of those things either.
If you try to adapt to the world around you, you’ll feel less and less like yourself until you probably won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror anymore.
If you try to change the world according to your own needs and desires, the world will break your back, the same way the ones you wish to love you break your heart.
There’s only one way to get everything you want, and that is to give everything.
You get what you give.
This is not about becoming saints on Earth or Heaven. It’s not about religious principles or stuff like that.
This is about understanding that this world gives you stuff according to your importance.
You are not defined by others as charismatic if you are smart or funny or witty. You are defined as charismatic if you listen to people, if you ask them questions, if you try to understand them. Or at least try to be understanding.
I said that those who want to be happy, are never going to be so…it’s because those who are interested in their own happiness will find out that people always disappoint.
The solution?
Be interested in other people’s happiness.
This changes your perspective.
Instead of being egocentric, you decide to focus on others. You do what it takes to improve the lives of others.
Maybe it’s about art, about a great product, about a certain way of life. Maybe it’s just about improving that little bit of Universe around you.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”Zig Ziglar

Sounds simple?
Maybe it is. But it’s not easy.
Just don’t expect stuff to happen. Just do your thing…
Happiness, successful, wealth, or even health are just by-products of a life well lived.
They are not destinations, but rather ways of travel.
We’re always travelling towards something. We ask ourselves when, what, why. We analyze and rationalize and we waste so much time without ever asking ourselves how.
How to travel in such a way that you’ll feel happy and fulfilled all the way, not only when you reach your destination.


8 comments on “What’s your motivation?

  1. Thank you for these reminders ❤❤❤

  2. So much truth- well stated!!

  3. oddmindblog says:

    inspiring and sincere

  4. Interesting. I think everything in balance. true intentions are valued.

  5. simon7banks says:

    One qualification. People who want to be rich and powerful sometimes achieve it. But what does it make them?

    • Of course. As long as they understand the ramifications of their actions…

      You create a product people need, you’ll end up making money. Of course, you don’t have to give a shit about people in general. You just capitalize on their need. But you’re still helping them, right?

      This isn’t about people being good or whatever… it’s just a way of things.

      Also, people who do nothing and just wish they were rich…those are the ones who never become rich.

  6. Lysbethy MarySoMary says:

    My motivation ? I m alive, a wave with other wave and the light !

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