New video: Nothing to lose

Hi guys,

New video is up.

Our idea that we have something to lose is holding us back. Like the Romans used to say, “Carpe diem.”

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2 thoughts on “New video: Nothing to lose

  1. Hello Christian,
    Life can be a dilemma, risk it all for something you yearn but perhaps in the process losing something that with hindsight you regret – who knows? Hope you make good decisions in your life.

  2. Carpe Diem, seize the day, means to live life to the fullest, not live like you have nothing to lose. Traditionally, describing someone as having nothing to lose is a description of a someone who is leading a sorry life indeed. People have family, wives, husbands, children, grandchildren, friends, etc. The only person with nothing to lose is a person who has nothing at all.

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