#00179: My Story

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Chapter 1

Introduction: My life from my point of view.

Middle child from a middle class family in a soon-to-be the richest the country in the world. Class clown. Trying to fix family issues. Trying to be everyone’s friend.
Moving from one country to another. Losing friends.
Body-image issues. Start smoking at 12. Change from extrovert to introvert. Voices in my head. Memories replaying.
9/11 happened. I’m a terrorist by default.
Mood issues. Start spending time alone and avoiding people.
Alcohol comes in. Marijuana/hash.

Chapter 2

University: Strike 1.

More alcohol. More weed. More drugs.
Faking being an extrovert takes up a lot of energy. More drugs.
Religion comes in. Guilt followed religion. I’m a bad person. I will go to Hell no matter what I do. Religion is dead in the 21st century. I’m a terrorist and I’m a hypocrite.
My past is fucked up. My present is being…

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