#00180: Mood

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You just joined a gym. You threw out all your snacks.
Maybe you drew a timetable and a workout plan.
You will start tomorrow.
You’re feeling energetic.
You feel in control of your life.

Tomorrow is now. You woke up energetic ready to start the day.
You hit the gym. You follow the diet.
It’s all going well.
You do it the next day. And the day after that.

But then life pressures you.
Exams. Deadlines. Social obligations.
You must eat what they serve. You must break your routine.

And to be honest, you haven’t seen any significant changes.

Your thoughts take control over you.
You are now a prisoner of your own thoughts.
Fuck it. Mood wins.
Fuck the gym. Fuck the diet. It’s all worthless.
You’ll die anyways. If you grow older, you’ll get lung cancer because of all the shit you smoked in your life.

Mood is…

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6 thoughts on “#00180: Mood

  1. One of my favourite inspirational speakers makes a big deal about *not* relying on motivation to get you to the palce you need to be. She advocates a thing called JFDI- stands for “just f**king do it” and works on the principle that there will be more times when you are feeling unmotivated than motivated and so you should always be very direct with yourself. Straight up. Don’t reason. Don’t whinge. Don’t even give yourself time for excuses. Just stand up, get inot your workout gear, JFDI.

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