11855777_876132899126736_4861646747548953677_nChange is painful. Whether you decide to change, or life simply demands change, it is a painful process. Harmful habits die hard, because we sometimes are so in love with our pain.

We like to have an excuse. Someone or something to put the blame on.

But the truth is that there’s no force on Earth stronger than a human being who wants to achieve something. Who truly wants something. Who fights, who struggles, who cries in pain but doesn’t surrender.

Man achieves the impossible by sheer power of will, and that makes him magic.

But we must ask ourselves if what we want is truly important, because most times we want what we want because we hope it would make us happy.

Things, people…

But that is just a way of fooling ourselves.

Nothing outside ourselves can ever make us happy.

Change makes us happy. Progress makes us happy. Overcoming obstacles makes us happy.

Happiness is not a destination, but the road we travel to reach that destination.

And all that we need to go down that road is within ourselves.

Right now, right here.


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8 thoughts on “Re/made

  1. Hi Christian,
    I’m in the “…life simply demands change…” category. I’ll be a father in a few months, which means complete change and restructuring.
    I’ve heard it said that, happiness is nothing more than looking forward to something. I think you’ve confirmed that with “Happiness is not a destination, but the road we travel to reach that destination.”

  2. Thoughtful! Thanks-you so much! I certainly agree that happiness is a journey not a destination; though if happiness were always a projection, it would never be realized and hence left unexperienced and only ever anticipated. That can be taxing and a peculiarly masochistic way to go though life. There are all sorts of ways that we experience happiness, and I think those moments of sheer joy often just come upon us because of our openness to see and taste all the wonderful treasures of this world, and sometimes it is constitutive of all that we have brought to the fold of living life. I can enjoy the happiness of a true love because of all I am and have become, so happiness is both always evolving and yet lived in those moments that speak to one’s invested pride in living.

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