You can’t measure a dream…

One day we grow up and decide that we’re adults. And one of the things that define adults is that their world is ruled by numbers. They calculate, add, subtract, measure… they only believe in what they can see or touch or smell or taste.

The world becomes simple.

There are rules. There are laws. There are guides. There are things that are impossible.

And they lose so much of what life is all about.

They lose touch with their inner world, with faith, with the capacity to hope for things that have no sense.

They forget their dreams, they forget their courage…

We are born with wings and somewhere along the way we discard them…

I have invested all that I have in my projects. Everything. I tried my best. I tried to do what had to be done…

And I am staring failure in the eyes.

My Creative Cloud subscription expired today, and I don’t have any money left to pay it. There’s still some equipment I need. Software and hardware.

It seems that my best wasn’t enough…

It seems that my dream didn’t measure up to what people think it’s worth investing in.

That’s why I need your help. That’s why I am asking for your help.

To keep me going. To keep my dream alive.

To keep making videos, to keep posting on both this blog and irevuo.

I need your help.

If you want to help me out, you can do so by contributing any amount you see fit via PayPal to contact [at] cristianmihai [dot] net. Any amount matters. Any amount helps me immensely.

You can also purchase advertising here.

Make a Donation Button

P.S. I won’t be able to post any more videos until I pay my subscription. I can not use the software I need to edit my videos.


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