Fake news, slander, libel and censorship; do they matter? They matter a lot.



I think something’s coming.  The signs are beginning to appear.  We are being told we are facing a terrible monster.  We are being told this monster can take an ordinary person and turn them into a rifle toting madman.  We’re being told it currently threatens the fabric of our nation, of our communities.  Actually this monster has been around for a while, lurking on television and radio networks, within our newspapers.  But now it seems the monster has found new fertile ground.  It’s no longer staying within the confines it’s long time masters have kept it in.  Others are toying with it’s favors.  So does this monster have a name?  Yes it does.  It goes by the moniker of “fake news”.

As I wrote, it’s not a newcomer to our lives.  It was present when the Gulf of Tonkin incident took place.  It has led thousands, maybe millions, to their…

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