Book review: Stygian by Sean Michael

cover“Exiles feed on dreams of hope.”Aeschylus, Agammemon

Art first became a craft. Then it became an industry. Or a bunch of industries. Fueled by certain technological advances, art has been plagued by the world’t desire for instant gratification. It’s all rules and guides.

But before all this, art was emotion.

This is Stygian.

Some ninety-something pages of pure emotion.

“If you found me in nowhere, would you take me by the hand and lead me somewhere?” – Stygian

One poem after another, Sean Michael builds an intricate web of feelings and emotions. You can taste it all, you can see it, you can feel in on your skin. It’s dark and gritty, it’s powerful.

But that’s what art is supposed to be, right?

As cheesy as this sounds, but art has to make us feel something. Take us outside our comfort zone, make us use your empathy and imagination and find a place where there’s no hope to be found.

A hope we find on our return to what we call reality.

The one flaw of this book?

It’s only ninety-something pages of pure emotion.


You can buy Stygian on here.


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