One more time…

tumblr_nr6q9gBwN91uogaq2o1_1280In January 2011 I self-published a novel. It was badly written, badly edited, and I had absolutely no idea how to sell it. I had no online presence: no blog, no Facebook page, no Twitter.

So I sold 4 copies in 4 months. It was a disaster. I received a 2 star review on Goodreads, and then I decided to un-publish the damn thing.

And I gave up writing. For a few months, that is.

But then, after months of working on various other projects (such as Jazz, The Writer, etc.) I decided to give self-publishing one more try. I had a nice following on Wattpad (where I had lots of positive feedback from folks), so I thought that this time I’d sell more copies.

So, yes, I thought I should try just one more time. But I was also determined not to give up. No matter what. I’d just write and publish, write and publish, until something happened.

Also, I knew that I had to keep blogging, as a way of finding an audience.

And I did just that.

Yes, it’s really that simple. As long as you don’t give up, you can’t fail. As long as you keep fighting, you can’t be defeated. You keep going, you keep trying, because, ultimately, this is what art teaches us: we’re always aspiring to achieve perfection, yet we fail, but that doesn’t stop us from trying again and again.

We fall and we rise, and we become better and better at it.

This is life, this is experience, this is how beautiful things get made.


19 thoughts on “One more time…

  1. I for one am inspired by your will to go out and do what you set out to do–no questions asked. I find that incredibly awesome, and it’s that kind of mentality and “no fear” determination that brings success.

    Thanks for this post! It’s great seeing you (and anyone, really) work to achieve!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been following you for some two years now and have bought four of your books. You don’t understand what simple, honest posts like this do for aspiring novelists such as myself. You’ve always encouraged me to return back to writing; there has been times where I’ve given up for months – but seeing as these things happen to even great writers such as yourself reminds me that it’s all part of the journey, and that the only thing to do is, as you’ve beautifully put, to not give up. Simple as that.

    Thank you again, sir, and I wish you the best on your journey to greatness.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I’m so scared to push that publish button for the fear of messing up or not being able to get my voice I. After reading this, I feel able to give it a try, hell I won’t know unless I do!!! Thanks again. Gd Luck!!

    • We all have that fear. You know, like a voice telling you that you can’t do something…that you’re not good enough. The trick is to not listen, to not care. Just do your thing. Don’t even give yourself the time to worry about it.

  4. Just what I needed to hear! I’m 70k into a third round of edits on my first novel and just starting to build a presence online. It’s posts, blogs, and bloggers like yourself that help keep me going. I refuse to give up – thanks for the encouragement.

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